We are a full service mortgage brokerage.  We have correspondent relationships with many established investors and can offer you the most competitive rates available for the lowest cost.  If you've got a quote from another lender or bank let us see if we can beat it and save you some money!  

Conventional Financing


If you've got good credit and a down payment you will want to consider a conventional loan.  These Fannie/Freddie mortgage loans will loan up to $484,350 on a single family residence and require as little as 3% down payment.  You can avoid mortgage insurance with a 20% down payment.  Mortgage Insurance protects the lender and not the borrower.  We have numerous sources for the most competitive interest rates available.  

CDLP - Certified Divorce Lending Professional

A Certified Divorce Lending Professional has received specialized training in understanding the challenges involved in the separation of real estate when there is a divorce. The CDLP often works with the attorney's professional divorce team as an impartial and independent consultant. The CDLP uses their experience and knowledge of mortgage lending, real estate, IRS tax rules and family law to create a plan to ensure that all parties have the most positive results upon settlement and in the future.

Jumbo Financing


Any loan amount over $484,350 is considered a jumbo loan. We have sources for super-jumbo financing up to $2,000,000 and even higher on a case-by-case scenario.  If you need financing at these amounts please contact us for more information and to review your qualifications.



When it comes to construction financing, a quick closing can mean the difference between a profitable project built on time and under budget... or another lost opportunity.  Given the risk that comes with rapidly changing market conditions, our Investor's track record certainly can be a game changer for the experienced builder.  While banks are still in loan committee, our construction borrowers are out of the ground and on their first or second draw. 



An FHA insured mortgage offers a new home buyer the flexibility of only 3.5% down payment and gifts are okay.  The programs are more forgiving when it comes to credit and if you've had some issues an FHA insured loan might be a good start.  The loan does require mortgage insurance and there are some restrictions on properties and required repairs that need to be considered.  All of these are issues that can be addressed case by case.  We'll look at all aspects of the purchase and see if an FHA insured loan is the right option.  Be sure and check the loan limit for the area that you are purchasing; loan amounts differ for every county.

If you currently have an FHA insured loan you might consider a streamline refinance.  There's very little that is required and you don't need an appraisal. Check with us for the details.



Are you a Veteran? First and foremost... thank you for your service! If you have your eligibility you should use it.  A VA insured loan provides the Veteran and their families 100% financing without paying a monthly mortgage insurance payment.  There is a VA funding fee which can be finance along with the Veterans closing costs.  The VA really takes care of their Veterans when it comes to VA backed mortgages.  If you need help getting your Certificate Of Eligibility and your DD214 let us know and we're glad to help.



Interest rates are excellent so why not take advantage of refinancing your existing mortgage.  You can save money on your monthly payment, lower your term, access your equity for home renovations or another important projects.  We'll want to run the number and make sure the savings you'll receive from the refinance makes sense.  The general rule is that you'll want to save at least 1% on your interest rate and/or a reduction on your principal and interest payment of at least $100 or more if you're not increasing your principal balance.  You'll want to make sure that cost of your refinance is recaptured by the monthly savings within a 2 to 3 year period.  Let us help you determine the savings you'll receive from your refinance and if it make sense for you at this time. 

Alternative Financing Options

There are many types of alternative mortgage loan products that are available.  This is one of the best benefits of working with a mortgage broker; having access to loan products that can help home buyers who wouldn't normally qualify for conventional financing. Whether your situation involves credit problems, challenges documenting your income, bankruptcy, shortsale or a foreclosure, talk to us to see if there's a program available that gives you financing options for a mortgage loan.


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